We will start train operations if PM allows , Sheikh Rasheed

Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that if Prime Minister Imran Khan gives permission by Wednesday, we will start train operations in the country.

Sheikh Rasheed

A meeting on railways was held under the chairmanship of Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed in which steps were discussed in case of commencement of train operation.

Sheikh Rasheed said that in case of commencement of train operation, our responsibility would be multiplied many times. Railway officials should complete all preparations.

Sheikh Rasheed

“Trains are operational during Corona outbreak all over the world. We are taking all possible safety measures to prevent Corona,” he said.

The Railway Minister said that if the Prime Minister gives permission to run the trains till Wednesday, we will start the train operations . If no decision is taken to run the train by Wednesday, we will return Rs. 24 crore to the people.

We have no revenue and the economic situation is bad,” he said. “People have been asked to come in with masks and security measures.”

The Federal Minister said that he would give importance to those who have bought advance tickets.

Talking to media, Sheikh Rasheed once again claimed that after Eid, NAB would from both sides and there would be more arrests .

Referring to PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif, Sheikh Rasheed said that Shahbaz Sharif can survive only if he changes his software.

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