USA took notice of Imran Khan calling Osama bin Ladin a Martyr

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells also took notice of Imran Khan’s calling Osama bin Ladin a martyr.

In her statement, Alice Wells said that the recent rhetoric about al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Ladin has raised all the old questions.

Alice Wells said in a statement that how and why Osama bin Ladin, the world’s number one terrorist, was living peacefully under a Pakistani military barracks. She said that Pakistan did not need this discussion.


In a message posted on the social networking site, Alice Wells added that instead of this debate, Pakistan and the United States need a positive agenda of cooperation in peace, trade, investment and counter-terrorism in Afghanistan.

She said that in the last two years, it has been proved that it is workable.

It may be recalled that the Prime Minister had said in his address to the National Assembly that “there have been two incidents of embarrassment in the history of Pakistan. The United States came to Abbottabad and martyred Osama bin Ladin. The second embarrassment was the drone strikes in Pakistan. Our ally in Pakistan kills Osama bin Ladin and criticizes us.


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