US Honors Pakistani-born teenage girl.

US President Donald Trump honored Laila Khan, a Pakistani-born teenager who donated biscuits to frontline fighters battling the global epidemic Corona.

An official ceremony was held in the United States to honor the heroes who fought against the corona virus, in which President Trump honored 10-year-old Pakistani-American teenager Laila Khan from the US state of Maryland for donating to medical staff and firefighters.

In recognition of Laila’s services at the ceremony, Trump presented her with a certificate of appreciation and paid tribute to her spirit.

Laila Khan, a participant in the Girl Scouts Cookies Fundraising Campaign in the United States, presented 100 Boxes of Girl Scouts Cookies (Biscuits) and Thanksgiving Cards to local medical staff and firefighters for their services in combating the Corona virus.

The US embassy in Pakistan also shared a message on its Twitter account with a picture of Laila Khan and Trump.

It should be noted that during the Girl Scouts Cookies Fundraising Campaign held from January to April every year, more than 1 million girls sell more than 200 million cookie boxes and collect donations worth up to  800 Crore Dollars.

Money generated from the sale of cookie boxes are used for charitable purposes.

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