Trains belong to Pakistan, won’t Ask Sindh to open railway operations, Sheikh Rasheed

Regarding the restoration of trains operations in the country, Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that the trains belong to the whole of Pakistan and he is not under Sindh Ministry , would not talk to Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah to open them.

Talking to media in Rawalpindi, Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that the railway department is not subordinate to the provinces, it is subordinate to me after Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“I can decide to run the train operations myself but I am waiting for Imran Khan’s decision. After contacting him, I will decide whether to run the train on Tuesday or Wednesday,” he said.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that I am not answerable to any province, I can decide for myself so I will not talk to Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah regarding train operations .

I am not subordinate to Murad Ali Shah, nor do we want to confuse anyone. We have good relations with Murad Ali Shah, but the train is an issue of the whole Pakistan,” he said. I will ask about train operations with the Prime Minister and not with Murad Ali Shah.
Sheikh Rasheed
Sheikh Rasheed further said that the railway is not only for Punjab but for the whole of Pakistan but if the track of Karachi is opened then the railway will start functioning, the train will run the day after tomorrow, if permission is not given then people’s money will be refunded, Rs 24 crore advance booking If permission is not obtained, the people’s money will be returned with folded hands.

Sheikh Rasheed

He said that the railway is a chain of all the provinces and he has directed the railway authorities to make full preparations for its operation but if the train does not run in two days, he will not be able to run the train on SOP later.

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