Tiger Force Event ended up in Chaos

The Tiger Force event in Attock fell into disarray

The Tiger Force event continued to resemble a political rally, with hundreds of young people attending the event without masks.

Tiger Force Event ended up in Chaos

In Attock, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Special Assistant for Overseas Pakistan, Zulfi Bukhari, presided over a Tiger Force event that went chaotic.

The ceremony was disrupted when some members of the Tiger Force protested against not inviting their regional president to the event.

Angry members chanted slogans, including more than 1,700 Tiger Force youths who boycotted the event.

Some Tiger Force soldiers protested the summoning of Tiger Force Attock focal person.

The purpose of the event was to spread information for discipline and implementation of SOPs during the Corona pandemic .

It was during this disciplinary ceremony that the Tiger volunteers in the venue suddenly made a noise, chanted slogans and boycotted the event while Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari was giving a speech.

Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari kept urging the protesters to be disciplined but the youth remained steadfast.

The protesters were of the view that Qazi Ahmed, the focal person of Tiger Force Attock, had implemented the instructions of the Prime Minister in the city from day one but still he was not invited to the function.

In addition, the ruling party, which teaches social distance, itself violated the SOPs.

During the Corona virus, the Tiger Force event continued to resemble a political rally, with hundreds of Tiger Force youths participating in the event without masks who also created Chaos during the speech of Zulfi Bukhari , Zulfi Bukhari left event without completeing the speech

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