Sindh government raised objection on PIA plane crash investigation team

The Sindh government has raised objection on  the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash investigation team.

At the Karachi camp office, Saeed Ghani, the provincial education minister, along with Nasir Shah and Imtiaz Sheikh, the provincial information minister, said that sometimes it was said that it was the pilot’s fault and sometimes it was said that the birds collided.

He said that we have objections to the investigation team of the plane crash, all the people in the investigation team are subordinate to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pakistan International Airlines, the CEO of PIA and the head of Civil Aviation should be suspended. Without it, transparent investigations cannot take place.

He further said that at first no one said that the plane came on the runway but when the passenger Zubair told then everyone found out that the plane came on the runway, the responsibility of the accident is being placed on him who is now in this world.

Saeed Ghani demanded that the inquiry committee to be suspended and a new team should be formed, an impartial investigation team comprising representatives of Palpa, the International Pilots Organization, be formed and then decisions be taken.

Responding to a question, the provincial minister said that the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) should be included in the investigation while the Model Colony along with the Kent area should also be included in the investigation. If civil aviation allows, add it too.

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