Shahid Afridi gets fans’ back after Indian backlash

After the truthful and brave Statement of Shahid Afridi regarding cruelties of Indian PM Narindra Modi, Gautam Gambhir and some other Indian Extreamists have jumped in against Shahid Afridi who were expecting loyalty from a Pakistani.

The Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir tweeted in Anger,

“Pak has 7 lakh force backed by 20 Cr ppl says 16 yr old man @SAfridiOfficial. Yet begging for Kashmir for 70 yrs. Jokers like Afridi, Imran & Bajwa can spew venom against India & PM @narendramodi ji to fool Pak ppl but won’t get Kashmir till judgment day! Remember Bangladesh?”

Well, yes Pakistan has a strong force let’s not forget the internal instabilities and atrocities in India, where 2019 and 2020 had been the deadliest years in India for Muslims .

Shahid Afridi gets fans' back after Indian backlash

Another Indian Shikhar Dhawan tweeted,

“Is waqt jab saari duniya corona se lad rahi hai us waqt bhi tumko kashmir ki padi hai. Kashmir humara tha humare hai aur humara hi rahega. Chaiyeh 22 crore le ao, humara ek, sava lakh ke barabar hai . Baaki ginti apne aap kar lena @SAfridiOfficial”

Well, world is fighting Corona and India is firing on LOC is a common Pakistani ‘s thought on his tweet .

Suresh Raina also tweeted,

“Gosh! What all a person must do to remain relevant! Even more so for a nation that is living on alms. So, better do something for your failed nation and leave #Kashmir alone. I am a proud Kashmiri and it is and will always remain an inalienable part of India. ”

Well, Pakistanis have jumped into the favour of Shahid Afridi, however, he’s quiet because he doesn’t get into useless feuds but he speaks truth at right time and in right place.

The fans loved Afridi’s statement and said if Indians spew venom for Pakistan their extreamists are okay with it but if Pakistani celebrities state facts Indian becomes mad in anger which is a wrong expectation of Indians from Afridi.

Shahid Afridi gets fans' back after Indian backlash

People say he’s not actor who will think about Bollywood and will stop speaking the truth. Pakistani’s immense support is with Shahid Afridi and he is a soldier of Pakistan Army by heart and by soul.

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