Tehmina Durrani

Posted on December 22, 2014

Name : Tehmina Durrani

Designation : Writer

Profession : Social activist

Political Affiliation : None

Tv Channel : None

Career : Tehmina Durrani is the daughter of a former Governor of State Bank of Pakistan and managing director of Pakistan International Airlines, S.U. Durrani and a granddaughter of Nawab Sir Liaqat Hayat Khan, prime minister of Patiala state for eleven years. He was the elder brother of former Punjab Premier Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan. Her first book, My Feudal Lord, caused ripples in Pakistan’s male-dominated society by describing her abusive and traumatic marriage to Ghulam Mustafa Khar, then Chief Minister and later Governor of Punjab and her experience of a feudal society. She is currently involved in the emancipation of women in Pakistan.