Osama Bin Javaid

Posted on December 20, 2014

Name : Osama Bin Javaid

Designation : Anchor

Profession : Journalist

Political Affiliation : None

Tv Channel : BBC, Al Jazeera English,(PREVIOUS),DAWN News(PRESENT)

Career : Osama Bin Javaid is an active member of civil society and a broadcast journalist. He believes that Journalism is an invisible pillar of the state, which continues to serve as a watchdog on the walls of society. Osama has nearly a decade of experience with government agencies, media and the Non-governmental organizations. Currently he works for Al Jazeera English.As a broadcast journalist based out of Pakistan, Osama Bin Javaid worked for the country’s leading news channel, DawnNews. He ensured that the channel highlighted social, political and economic issues by setting independent news agendas through regular bulletins and non-mouthpiece programming. He is a member of Journalists associations in Pakistan.

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