Farooq Leghari

Posted on December 22, 2014

Name : Farooq Leghari

Designation : Former President of Pakistan

Profession : Politcian

Political Affiliation : PPP

Tv Channel : None

Career : Farooq Leghari was the eighth President of Pakistan, serving from 14 November 1993 until voluntarily resgning on 2 December 1997. He is noted as the first Baloch to have been elected as president.After dismissing, his political ideology clashed with conservative Prime minister Nawaz Sharif, and his intervention to support to Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah’s matter finally led the resignation of his presidency after being forced by the conservatives and persuaded by the Pakistan Armed Forces in 1997. His relations with Benazir Bhutto too deteriorated which led him to provide his support for dissident group opposing both PPP and PML in May 2004. Since then he stayed away from national politics and died from a long heart illness at the Combined Military Hospital in Rawalpindi on 20 October 2010.

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