Aslam Raisani

Posted on December 23, 2014

Name : Aslam Raisani

Designation : EX Chief Minister of Balochistan

Profession : Politician

Political Affiliation : PPP

Tv Channel : None

Career : Aslam Raisani was the Chief Minister of Balochistan from 9 April 2008 till 14 January 2013 after he was sacked by the Prime Minister of Pakistan by imposing Governor Rule after the January 2013 Pakistan bombings. He is also the chief of the Raisani tribe of the Sarawan area.Being the eldest son of late Nawab Ghound Baksh Raisani, he took over as the chief of Raisani tribe. The Raisani tribe is one of the most politically influential tribes in Baluchistan,[citation needed] the largest province of Pakistan by area. On Thursday 1 November 2012, media reports claimed that Raisani party’s membership had been cancelled by People’s Party Kalat Division for continually violating party policies.However, he denied all these reports and said that his party membership had not been cancelled.

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