“Keep your mouth shut” Houston Police Chief Responds To Trump

The police chief of Houston, USA, taught US President Donald Trump to distinguish, saying that if you can’t talk constructively, keep your mouth shut.

It is believed that riots have been going on in various states of Minnesota since the killing of black citizen George Floyd by a white police officer in the last few days.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

After the incident, US President Donald Trump threatened to deploy troops in all states

According to CNN, Donald Trump had lashed out at the governors of the states yesterday and said that if the governors could not issue orders to arrest the protesters and send them to jail, they would be called fools and they should be arrested.

The police chief of the US city of Houston, where protests are taking place, lashed out at Donald Trump during an interview.

The Houston police chief said that as police chief he was sending a message to the US president that if you can’t talk constructively, keep your mouth shut, because you risk the lives of many young boys and girls under the age of 20.

He said that President Trump’s orders to governors are tantamount to endangering the people, it is not a matter of controlling the people but of winning their hearts.

On the other hand, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed his anger and regret over Trump in a Twitter post, saying, “President Trump called on the military to end the peaceful demonstration so that they could take pictures outside the church. It is just a reality TV show for president.

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