Karachi : Bank robbers looted 1.5 crore and escaped

Five men robbed Bank in Korangi No. 6 area of ​​Karachi, they robbed Rs 1.5 crore from the bank and fled.

According to bank officials, the robbers entered the bank under the pretext of getting a loan and took the security guards hostage and fled with the money.

According to sources, the accused also took the recording system of CCTV cameras with them.

Karachi : Bank robbers looted 1.5 crore and escaped

In March this year, robbers wiped out a private bank in Multan’s Gaddafi Square.

A bank guard was also involved in the robbery at a private bank on Gaddafi Square. Who robbed the bank with the help of his associates.

According to the police, when the security guard of the private bank reached Nawaz on duty, another guard who was already there tied him up along with his colleagues.

Previously, another robbery occurred in the Private Bank Manager’s house. Bank robbery cases are increasing day by day .

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