Interview of police constable who killed terrorists

A police constable described what happened at the main gate of the Pakistan Stock Exchange in the city of Quaid-e-Azam.

According to details, the attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Tower area of ​​Karachi was foiled by law enforcement agencies as a result of which four attackers were killed while 7 people including 2 officers were martyred.

Sources said that the police officer who was fighting the terrorists described the situation with his own eyes. Muhammad Rafi said the sub-inspector shot one terrorist in the head. one was throwing a grenade to try to enter the building and the other was firing.

It may be recalled that a few hours ago, terrorists attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange as a result of which 7 people including a policeman and 2 security guards of the stock exchange were martyred while four terrorists were killed in the retaliatory action of the forces.

According to police, police and Rangers personnel killed two terrorists while trying to enter the stock exchange, while two more terrorists were killed on the spot and the terrorists could not enter the stock exchange building.

A police spokesman said that a police sub-inspector and two security guards of the stock exchange were also martyred in the terrorist attack and seven others, including a policeman, were injured.

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