How did the lucky PIA air hostess survive??

PIA Air hostess Madiha Akram was dropped off at the exact departure of the ill-fated Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane and stand-by air hostess Anam Masood was put on board.

The cockpit and cabin crew of the plane that crashed in Karachi belonged to Lahore. Captain Sajjad Gul was flying the plane while First Officer Usman Azam was with him and the other crew consisted of 3 stewards and 3 air hostesses.

The plane’s captain Sajjad Gul, first officer Usman Azam, while the cabin crew included Farid Ahmed Chaudhry, flight stewards Abdul Qayyum Ashraf, Malik Irfan Ashraf, air hostesses Amna Amir, Asma Shahzadi and Anam Masood.

PIA Air hostess Madiha Akram was not allowed to board the plane for any reason at the time of departure and was replaced by air hostess Anam Masood.

Air hostess Madiha Akram, who did not accompany the plane after the crash, confirmed in a video statement that she was on duty on the same plane but for some reason could not go, by the grace of God, is fine and at home.

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