Good news for Corona patients by Chairman NDMA

Chairman NDMA’s press conference on Civid-19 situation.

Chairman NDMA’s press conference on Civid-19 situation.

According to the given statistics of patients and ventilators by chairman NDMA , Pakistan has 4,200 ventilators, Pak Army also has 500 ventilators , intotal there are 4,800 ventilators in Pakistan. Under 50% of ventilators have been used in almost all the cities of Pakistan, rest of the ventilators are spare .

In Pakistan, currently only 163 ventilators are being used by covid patients . Situation in cities is under control. Only Peshawar is using Maximum ventilators that too is only 36% for the covid-19 patients , rest are other patients.

“If situation will keep on worsening like this , we might need 1300 ventilators for covid-19 patients and we are arranging more ventilators for corona patients”, says Chairman NDMA .

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