Darren Sammy urges ICC and cricket boards to speak against racism in the United States.

West Indies cricketer Darren Sammy has called on the International Cricket Council (ICC) and cricket boards to speak out against racism in the United States.

In his response to the racist incidents in the United States on Twitter, Darren Sammy said that the ICC and other cricket boards do not see what is happening to us?

Darren Sammy asked if they would speak out against the injustice done to us or not?  The lives of black people are also important.

The former West Indies captain said that this issue is not limited to the United States, it has become a daily routine, this is not the time to remain silent.

It is believed that a black man was killed in police custody in the US state of Minnesota recently. Since the video of the incident came to light, there has been a strong protest in the US due to which a strict curfew has been imposed in 6 states.

The incident is being strongly condemned and regretted all over the world except the United States.


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