Citizens of world’s most populous Muslim country will not be able to perform Hajj in 2020

The Indonesian government has decided not to send its citizens to Saudi Arabia for Hajj this year due to the corona virus.

The Saudi government had set a quota of 221,000 pilgrims for Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, this year, but Indonesia has decided not to send its citizens for hajj due to the Corona virus.

Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs Fakhr-ul-Razi told a press conference that Indonesian pilgrims will not be able to perform the Hajj this year, so pilgrims should prepare for next year’s Hajj season.

He said the government’s decision came after Saudi officials failed to reassure them that the presence of the epidemic could make it difficult to perform the Hajj.

More than 90,000 Indonesian pilgrims have registered for the Hajj this year, and many have expressed frustration with the government’s decision.

It may be recalled that Singapore had also announced last month that it would not send its citizens for Hajj due to Corona.

In Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, 549 people have died so far due to corona, while the number of infected patients has exceeded 87,000.

The Prophet’s Mosque has recently reopened for worshipers, about two and a half months after it was closed due to the Corona epidemic.

Under security arrangements, 40 percent worshipers are allowed to enter the mosque according to its total capacity.

Congregational prayers have begun in mosques in other cities in Saudi Arabia as well as the Prophet’s Mosque, but the Grand Mosque has not yet been opened to ordinary worshipers and Umrah is suspended.


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