The key accused in Mureed Abbas’s murder bailed out

The key accuse Adil Zaman on Anchor Mureed Abbas’s murderer case has been granted bail.

The key accused in the murder of anchor Mureed Abbas has been granted bail. Anchor Mureed Abbas was brutally murdered by his business parter who also did fraud with him in the business.

The footage and the proofs were gathered and brought to the court, everything was proved but later this year the news arrived that the key accuser in murder has been granted bail.
The key accused in Mureed Abbas's murder bailed out
The anchor’s wife condemned the decision and took the matter to twitter.

Her tweet reads,

“Extremely disappointed & shocked! The bail has been granted to the Key Accused Adil zaman in Murder case of my husband Anchor #MureedAbbas. Will challenge this decision in Supreme Court! #JusticeforMureedAbbas ”

It is extremely sad and disappointing that a brutal murderer’s ally with all the proves and witnesses has been bailed.

May Allah grant justice to his wife .

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