Actress Uzma Khan tortured by Malik Riaz’s daughters

Actress Uzma Khan has accused Malik Riaz ‘s daughter of harassing her. The actress has lodged a complaint with the police. Uzma Khan said in her Twitter message that real estate businessman Malik Riaz’s daughters Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik entered her house at night with 12 armed bodyguards, tortured and harassed her and her sister. Attempts were also made to blackmail them.

Uzma Khan said in a Twitter message that Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik also threatened to kill her. The actress has appealed to the police to get her and her sister medically examined as soon as possible before their wounds begin to heal.

Actress Uzma Khan tortured by Malik Riaz's daughters

She said that she will conduct a press conference tomorrow and she urged Pakistanis to support her, she also urged Media to be at Lahore Press club. The Malik Riaz daughter accused the actress of having relationship with her husband Usman.

Actress Uzma Khan has announced to fight the case, according to her she has got nothing to lose after this humiliation by the so called elites of Pakistan.

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