5 dead 3 injured in grenade attack outside Pakistan Stock Exchange office

Attempts by anti-state elements to disturb the peace were foiled. 4 terrorists, including a police officer, were killed and 3 others, including a police officer, were injured in a firing and grenade attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

According to news details, on the first day of the business week, terrorists attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange this morning with a grenade, which was foiled by police officers and security guards stationed at the stock exchange, killing four attackers. A police officer was also martyred.

According to footage, the terrorists came in a blue Corolla car. Four terrorists opened fire as they entered through the main gate. However, security officials killed one terrorist at the gate in retaliation.

Terrorists were not allowed to enter the building while the other three were piled up after entering. Judging by the ammunition recovered from the terrorists, it appears that they had come for a major operation, with sophisticated weapons, rifles, Kalashnikovs, and hand grenades, but brave security guards thwarted their attack.

Farrukh Khan, MD, Pakistan Stock Exchange, told media that a search operation was underway in the stock market building. No terrorist could reach the compound or the building. Coordinated security personnel foiled the terrorist attack.

Large contingents of police and Rangers have cordoned off the area inside the building. The area is said to be sensitive. There are important offices in the area. There is a rush of people. Security is also tight. On the other hand, an emergency has been declared on II Chandragar Road.

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