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Saudi Arabia stops Pakistani Government From Hajj 2020 agreement

Saudi government halts Pakistan from Hajj agreements over concerns of Corona virus, Saudi minister says Hajj must be done if possible.

Saudi Minister Hajj has sent a message to the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Pakistan saying we should not sign the Hajj contract in the wake of the Corona virus.

The letter states that the Saudi government is monitoring the situation and will inform as soon as the situation improves.

Spokesman Religious Affairs Amir Bashir Siddiqui said that the government has stopped work on the treaties on the suggestion of the Saudi government, Religious Affairs Minister Noor ul haq Qadri has also contacted Saudi Minister Hajj.

According to the spokesman, Saudi Minister Hajj has assured that if possible, Hajj will be done, Saudi authorities are monitoring the situation and consultation is in progress.

Earlier in the day, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs  Noor ul Haq Qadri denied the news circulating on social media about halting Hajj arrangements.

In his statement, the Minister for Religious Affairs said that there was no truth in the news circulating on social media that the government had stopped the hajj.

Saudi authorities will consult with major Muslim countries before such announcement, Saudi Ministry of Hajj has suggested to finalize the final contract for transport, hotel and building, Noor-ul-Haq Qadri said.

He made it clear that it is immature to have no Hajj, it is hoped that the situation will improve by the time of Hajj.

It is to be noted that the corona virus is spreading rapidly in Saudi Arabia like in the world and the number of Corona affected people has risen to 900 while 2 people have been killed.

The Saudi government is locking down the country, while curfew has been implemented at fixed times throughout the country, especially in the capital Riyadh, Makkah, and Medina.

Worldwide, the number of Corona virus-infected people has exceeded 4 million 86,000, while the total number of deaths has increased to over 22,000.


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