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Pakistani students made Tool for diagnosis of corona virus in 20 seconds

Two Pakistani students have developed a system detector for the early diagnosis of coronavirus, which will detect the virus from a computed tomography (CT scan) of the lungs.

The device was created by Mohammad Alam, a mechanical engineer studied at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, Swabi, and his fellow computer engineering student Rahul Raj.

Students say the Corona virus is spreading rapidly, so they decided to seek help from the Artificial Intelligence Tool (published intelligence), citing the lack of kits needed to diagnose the virus.

They claim that the coronavirus can be accurately confirmed by up to 92% of the lungs scanned by their model and the procedure will be completed in just 10 to 20 seconds.

It should be noted that in Pakistan it is usually required at least 24 hours for the diagnosis of Corona virus from the laboratory.

It is thought that a total of 7 people have been killed by Corona virus in Pakistan till date while 1000+ cases have been reported across the country.

The number of Corona-infected people has risen to 3,000 95,000 worldwide and the death toll has risen to over 17,000.

Due to the outbreak in more than 160 countries, the whole world is facing a shortage of medical devices, kits and ventilators related to the diagnosis of corona, as the number of patients is increasing day by day.

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