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One killed by “Hantavirus” in China after Corona virus.

The deadly Corona virus from the Chinese city of Wuhan has not stopped, and now one person has died in China from the “Hantavirus”.

A wave of panic has swept through homes across the world due to lockdown around the world when Chinese government media reports a man was killed in the province yunnan from hantavirus.

Now, people fearing the Corona virus are worried that this “Hantavirus” will be just as dangerous as the Corona virus. Can it spread to humans like Corona?

According to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Hantavirus is transmitted through mice and animals of the same species that cause pulmonary syndrome, a respiratory disease in humans.

The virus is transmitted to humans when the virus particles in the waste, urine and saliva of mice spread through the air.

In addition, the virus is less likely to be spread by mice, whereas if humans touch the mouth, nose or waste area of ​​mice, it can still transmit the virus.

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