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Govt. announces Packages amidst Corona lockdown

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a special economic and relief package to help the people amidst the coronavirus lockdown in the country.

“We have decided to allot Rs200 billion for daily wages workers,” PM Khan confirmed during a talk with journalists in Islamabad. He said the federal government was in touch with business community and provincial governments to help the daily wages workers and labourers.

Govt. announces Packages amidst Corona lockdown

The prime minister has also said that the government is already reducing the cost of petroleum products by Rs. 15 with sudden impact of Corona outbreak.

The government also decided to give Rs150 billion for poor families and each of them will be given Rs3000 per month, he said.

The special packages have been announced at the time when provinces have gone into a lockdown due to a severe surge in the tally of coronavirus affected cases.

Seven people have died and nearly 900 others have been infected in the country.

PM Khan’s government was reluctant to impose the lockdown, but the provincial governments did that on their own.

The PM said “If I were in Italy or France, I’d not have any issues with imposing the soft curfew or lockdowns ,” PM Khan said. “But here situation is different. When I think about daily wage workers , I think how would we going to provide them daily food.”

Govt. announces Packages amidst Corona lockdown

He further said that the government is already striving to develop extra shelters homes in the country because the current ones are jam-packed . “We are keeping check on the people and providing them with food,” he said .

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