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Trump did not value the warning on Corona US Newspaper Revealed

A report by the US newspaper The Washington Post revealed that US President Donald Trump did not value the warning on Corona, saying the virus could be slowed down if he took earlier steps.

According to the US newspaper Washington Post, US intelligence warned in January that Corona could take the form of a pandemic that needed to be taken in advance.

The report revealed that US President Trump and members of Congress did not give importance to the warning on Corona.

Former First Lady and Democratic Party Leader Hillary Clinton criticized the Trump administration, saying it was learned in January that Corona was taking the form of an outbreak, despite intelligence reports not taking timely action. Trump has taken no action out of fear of spreading panic in the market.

She added that he wasted several weeks which were given for preparations that could no longer be returned.

It should be noted that cases of Covid-19 are also increasing rapidly in the United States. In the last 24 hours, a further 46 deaths have been reported, with a total death toll of 348 and the number of victims 26,859.

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