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DG ISPR’s press conference on Pakistan day

DG ISPR today held a press conference in the wake of Pakistan day . He has expressed the historical importance of the day and the current challenges faced by the nation. He also talked on Kashmir issue and Corona virus and its outbreak and deadliness .

He said ,

“Today is the day when our ancestors saw the dream of a new country 80 years back, their vision changed the map of world and Pakistan came into being.

Today it is clear that our ancestors were right. Today we are fighting a challenge called covid-19. The world is facing a biggest problem. 80 years back our ancestors fought for new home land and today we are facing a challenge of corona. We are with Pakistan and Pak Army will do everything possible to combat corona virus.

Pakistan Army is contributing with government amid corona outbreak.

All shopping malls, marriage halls, gatherings ,public transports , airports and borders will remain closed.

Self isolation is a difficult decision but we have to go for it. Co-operation is more than a need than isolation.

The danger is enormous and we have to stay at home . We will fight this war together the way we dealt with other challenges in past in 2005 and 2010 during earthquake and floods .

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