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See which medicine is useful in Corona virus

KARACHI: The leading health officials claim that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine used by Chinese health professionals was found extremely useful for Corona patients,however, the medicine after the information have either disappeared from Karachi or is available at extremely expensive prices .

See which medicine is useful in Corona virus
According to a survey, most of the city’s pharmacy and medical stores lack malaria treatment drugs, especially chloroquine.

In a news briefing , US President Donald Trump said chloroquin chloroquine and hydroxychloroquinone hydroxychloroquine were given to malaria and arthritis patients, though the FDA approved these drugs on corona patients.

The famous drug for malaria treatment developed by a multinational pharmaceutical company is quite rare, while medicines made by local pharmaceutical companies are finding it very difficult.

In Pakistan a specialist doctor Tahir Shamsi has also said that in China it has been found useful for Corona Patients by the doctors .

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