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Fakhar e Alam appeals Imran khan to impose curfew in the country

Actor and host Fakhr Alam appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan for a two-week lockdown in the country in view of the increase in cases of Corona virus in Pakistan.

In a video message by Prime Minister Imran Khan on his Twitter account, Fakhr Alam said, “Imran Bhai as we all know what is in your heart for humanity and the poor people. There is no doubt that you are a wise man, and I also know that it is the biggest challenge to your government at the moment.

The Fakhar e Alam wrote: “As a Pakistani I have a request for you. I may be wrong. On one hand, the government is saying that people should stay at home, not go to office, take social distance. This appeal to people has already affected poor people. ‘

He said that the government had made half the policy that the poor could go out to earn a living but the rest could not get out. Imran Khan I urge you to create a policy instead of having half the policy.

Fakhr Alam advised Imran Khan to lockdown for two weeks and said that in these two weeks, the distribution of ration should be started in different areas of the city.

In his video, Fakhar e Alam said that social workers should be provided with gloves so that they can pass the rations to the needy families, the school fee should be waived off for the parents who currently can’t pay because no one is going to work right now.

The Fakhar e Alam said that if Pakistanis get holidays, they go out on a picnic, so Imran Khan should apply curfew in the country to avoid casualties.

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