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Mahatir Mohammed is self quarantined

The Malaysian Prime Minister’s friend Diagnosed with the Corona Virus after which the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad has quarantined himself.

According to foreign media, Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed has decided to quarantine himself after a close friend with Corona virus.

Mahatir Mohammed is self quarantined

In his message, Mahathir Muhammad says that to address this issue, it is necessary that we exercise discipline and caution. That’s why I decided to stay in Quarantina for 14 days.

Mahatir Mohammad added that if we do this, the chances of the virus spreading to others will be less. That is why I am in my house, I am not going out or meeting people, even with no friends.

Mahatir Mohammed is self quarantined

It is to be cleared that two people have lost their lives in Malaysia while 790 people are still infected with virus whereas in a religious gathering of 10,000 people , 515 came positive out of 5000 tested people .

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