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International crime ranking of Karachi improves

Karachi, the country’s largest city, rose from 93rd to 99th in the World Crime Index after law and order situation improved.

According to details, the best strategy against crime has worked as Karachi has moved from the 93rd to 99th in the World Crime Index. IG Sindh Police Syed Kaleem Imam congratulated all officers, Police on improving the International Crime Index.

Karachi was ranked 88th from the beginning of January until the end of January. Karachi was 93rd from the beginning of February, IG Sindh said.

Syed Kaleem Imam said: “I pay my respects to the unforgettable sacrifices of the martyrs and the services of the Ghazis. My salute to the traffic police officers and the men who were martyred in the duties of the police. Karachi is peaceful.

It is to be remembered that on February 7 this month, IG Sindh Syed Kaleem Imam said that peace in Karachi, including Sindh, had improved.

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