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Face Mask prices increased after outbreak of coronavirus in Pakistan

With the emergence of a case of coronavirus in the city of Quaid, the cost of the surgical mask box increased to Rs 1500 and the box of Rs 80 is being sold at Rs 2500.

According to details, the surge of the surgical mask was recorded on the rise of the coronavirus case. The price of 50 surgical masks box increased by Rs 1500 and the box of Rs 80 is being sold at Rs.1500.

On the other hand, traders have disappeared surgical masks from the market. Sources say that the person who has the mask is selling it in black. The masks are being smuggled abroad. The rates of the mask are changing every hour in the market.

It is believed that two corona patients have been confirmed in Pakistan. The person reported in Karachi was identified as Yahya Jaffrey, who arrived in Karachi from Iran a few days ago while the other person belonging to the tribal area. Both have came from Iran and arrived in Lahore a week ago.

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