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Videos of Delhi riots expose secular India’s true face

In Delhi, there are ongoing attacks by Muslims of the RSS and BJP. In the attacks so far 20 Muslims have been martyred and more than 190 have been injured in Delhi riots while several shops, houses, and petrol pumps have been set on fire after the collision.

According to details, the situation in the Indian capital of New Delhi is worsening, during the visit of US President Donald Trump, the RSS and BJP gangsters in Delhi killed 20 Muslims and injured more than 190 in dozens of shops, Houses and petrol pumps burned after hitting a cobalt.

Indian media say many of the injured are in critical condition, fearing an increase in casualties. Delhi High Court has ordered that Delhi Police ensure public safety.

Curfew has been imposed in five Muslim-majority areas of Delhi and police have been ordered to shoot as soon as the rioters are seen, while New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal appeals to the Home Minister and the Lieutenant Governor, saying that Help establish the supremacy of law.

In New Delhi, gangs of RSS and BJP attacked the mosque in Ashok Nagar yesterday and rode the mosque in a shameless manner and took off the loudspeaker and hoisted their flag.

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