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Chinese guy went famous after sleeping in a live stream session

Nowadays, social media platforms are considered a great source of fame, but gaining fame through social media is not as easy as we understand it.

Recently, a Chinese teenager has gained fame on social media overnight and the reason behind getting this reputation was his ‘sleep’.

According to a foreign news agency, a Chinese youth opened a camera on the Chinese social media platform Dwayne and turned it on in front of him by turning on live video streaming, which was watched by thousands of people.

The guy says that he was bored one day, so he thought to sleep while live streaming and monitors how he looks like while sleeping and how he looks after waking up.

The Chinese youth was shocked when he slept after live streaming on and then woke up in the morning as his video was seen by thousands of people, and more than 8 million users followed him on his channel.

Later, Yuenson turned on live streaming several times and in doing so, his videos went viral and the teen’s viral videos were viewed by 18.5 million users, followed by nearly 1 million followers. Japanese.

The young Chinese man says he had no idea so many people would see him .

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