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Punjab government rejects Nawaz Sharif’s request for Bail extension

Lahore: Punjab Cabinet rejects Nawaz Sharif’s request for extension of bail

A meeting of the Punjab Cabinet chaired by Chief Minister Usman Bazdar was held in which Nawaz Sharif’s request for extension of bail was considered.

In the cabinet, the special committee of the Punjab cabinet submitted proposals on Nawaz Sharif’s health report which the cabinet reviewed.

The Punjab cabinet said that Nawaz Sharif was given eight weeks to get treatment from the court but till February 25, eight more weeks have passed.

The cabinet members said that no concrete report has been submitted by Nawaz Sharif to prove that the ground on which Nawaz Sharif was sent abroad needs further expansion.

According to sources, the cabinet took the stand that Nawaz Sharif could not submit the required reports to the board and committee.

The Law Minister Punjab Raja Basharat informed about the decision of the Punjab Cabinet through a press conference and said that Nawaz Sharif was granted bail on certain conditions, Medical Board expressed dissatisfaction with his reports.

He said that there was no news from London that Nawaz Sharif would be operated till now, he had not been admitted to any hospital after 16 weeks. It may be decided that he will write to the federal government that the Punjab government will not extend Nawaz Sharif’s bail.

The law minister said that we have to approach the court to declare Nawaz Sharif as a most wanted and the federal government will inform the court regarding Nawaz Sharif’s bail.

Health Minister Punjab Yasmin Rashid said that I had never said that Nawaz Sharif should be sent abroad for treatment. In this regard, take out my previous press conferences.

She said that Nawaz Sharif’s no entry to a hospital does not mean that there is no danger, his physicians should send the same reports which were sent from here.

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