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PM Imran Khan clarifies his previous statement

Prime Minister Imran Khan had said in his address that ‘peace is only in the grave’. After his statement, the opposition strongly criticized it and made fun of it on social media, but now Prime Minister Imran Khan has clarified his own statement.

Addressing the ceremony at the National University of Modern Languages ​​(NIMAL), Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he had made a statement that peace is only in the grave,and it was ridiculed.

He said that till man goes to the grave, he learns, tries to move on and progress , the man who back off at hard times can never succeed and life is a tiring journey .

He said that with the best strategy China expelled its people from poverty, the UAE played the part as a friend of Pakistan whenever we needed.

It is to be noted that the statements of Prime Minister Imran Khan have always been strongly reacted by the opposition and so far he has been criticized several times.

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