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Ali Zafar’s song teaser for PSL released.

Leading singer Ali Zafar releases teaser for his song on 5th edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Singer Ali Azmat and Ali Zafar came face to face after the opening ceremony of the 5th edition of the Pakistan Super League.

In an interview with singer Ali Azmat, who added his voice to the PSL5 song “Tayyar ho, said with out taking the name that , “an artist, created a group of bloggers to spoil the song, Give them money so they can spoil the song and campaign for it on social media ‘.

Ali Zafar then shared the sarcastic video on his Twitter account saying, “If there is a problem in your life – a marital problem or a social problem, if the business is not running, the song is not playing or the event is not running. You are not responsible for this.I am responsible for all this. ‘

In a private TV program after this blow, Ali Zafar was asked to produce a song for PSL on which he said that my life is also available for public, if they want me to Make a song for PSL so I’m ready to try.

In addition, private TV anchors staged a public poll on Twitter to sing with Ali Zafar, where about 70,000 people expressed their opinion.

According to the poll results, 82.6 percent of the people voted in favor of Ali Zafar to produce the song for PSL.

After the results, now singer Ali Zafar has also appeared in the field and has started producing the song on his own.

Ali Zafar has released a video on Twitter from his account with the hashtag ‘Bhai araha hai’ in which he is sitting in the studio and playing music. Meanwhile, Ali Zafar says, ‘Bhai araha hai taiyar ho?

In addition, there was a tweet from former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar in which he said to Ali Zafar, “Ho jaye?”

In response to this tweet, Ali Zafar offered Shoaib Akhtar a dance and asked, “dance kar lete hain ap?”

Ali Zafar, in second edition of the Pakistan Super League, sang the song ‘phir Khel Jamega’ which has became a hallmark of the league.

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