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A mysterious Man meets Shahbaz Sharif in London

A mysterious person met Nawaz Sharif at the Aven Field Apartments which was kept very secret. The unknown man’s meeting with Nawaz Sharif lasted more than 40 minutes and the mysterious man was driven out of the back door of the apartment.

The mysterious man was brought to the Aven Field Apartments with a hidden face. The British journalist of Pakistani origin recorded these scenes, and when he asked the particular person about the meeting, he declined to answer.

Questions are being asked over the mysterious meeting of Nawaz Sharif with the person. Nawaz Sharif even doesn’t meet his party leaders in his apartments and this is why Nawaz Sharif’s birthday cake was also cut at the door and political leaders were not allowed to get in.

Renowned Journalist Dr. Shahid Masood has claimed that the mysterious person is a deputy director of an important institution. The face that’s being presented is not the real face of the person. However, He hasn’t given the reason of his meeting with Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif.

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