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Three Glorious Years of Operation Raddul Fasaad Completed

The Raddul Fasaad operation completed three years after the tribute was paid to the martyrs. The Army Chief says the outcome of the war against terrorism will show the peace and stability of the region.

According to the Pakistan Army Department of Public Relations (ISPR), DG ISPR said in a message on social networking website Twitter that 3 years of Operation Ruddul Fasaad has been completed. From terrorism to tourism, security forces received the full support of the nation and paid the cost of successes with a huge loss of lives and material.

DG ISPR said that we pay tribute to our martyrs, our martyrs are proud of us. We also salute our resilient nation in defeating extremists’ ideology & for unflinching support to the AFs.

According to the DG ISPR, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa in his statement said that the outcome of the war against terrorism will show the state of peace in the region. Pakistan Army is capable of tackling any threat against national security. After the success of two decades of counter-terrorism war, Pakistan became peace stable.

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