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Wuhan coronavirus: Parents’ stage protest before Zulfi Bukhari

On the order of the Islamabad High Court, the government called on the parents of trapped Pakistani students to take them in confidence, and parents protested against not bringing their children back.

It may be recalled that during the hearing of the petition of the return of students and citizens trapped in China at the Islamabad High Court yesterday, Chief Justice Athar Manullah ordered the parents to meet the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant.

The court also ruled that the government should make any mechanism so that the parents of the children can contact the government representatives directly.

On the court’s order, the parents of the children were called to Islamabad to take the parents in confidence where Dr Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to PM for Health and Special Assistant for overseas Pakistanis Zulfi Bukhari were present.

Dr. Zafar Mirza said that the benefits of bringing back the children are less than the disadvantages. What do you think the government can’t bring them back If they want?

Parents became angry at this statement and they said why then the government is not taking the children back. They said, “The doctor is the Messiah, but Zafar Mirza, you are the enemy of our children.”

Why didn’t Pakistani students be expelled from Corona virus-infected Chinese province, parents say? Is the government so incompetent that it can’t do anything for its children?

The anger of the parents of Pakistani students grew so much that the Prime Minister’s assistants, Dr Zafar Mirza and Zulfi Bukhari, had to leave the ceremony, while they told that the parents’ impression would reach the cabinet.

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