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Pakistan saved from being blacklisted in FATF

At the FATF meeting, the member states termed Pakistan’s performance as praiseworthy, after which all the concerns of the Pakistan about being pushed into FATF black list were resolved.

According to details, the FATF meeting is underway in Paris. All the concerns of the Pakistan on black list have been resolved. The member states have praised Pakistan’s performance.

Sources say that India cannot push Pakistan to blacklist. Pakistan has the support to avoid blacklist. There will be no voting for Pakistan to exit from gray list. FATF’s gray list expires in 2 years.

According to sources, Pakistan has to implement 27 targets by October 2020. Pakistan has made significant progress on 14 of the 27 targets, bequeathing of NGOs at provincial and provincial level will be completed.

Sources say that FATF State Bank, SECP, FBR, FMU are happy and expressed satisfaction over the performance of NECTA while Pakistan has made appropriate legislation to curb the smuggling of dollars.

According to sources, Pakistan has the support of friendly countries including Turkey, China and Malaysia, while Singapore, Holland, Hong Kong, Canada, USA praised Pakistani initiatives and France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UK also encouraged Pakistan.

Pakistan has completed the implementation of most recommendations, and will continue its efforts to achieve the 27 goals.

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