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China: Extra Marks Would be Given to Children of Medical staff working against Corona Virus

Doctors and medical staff ‘s children treating the dreaded corona virus in the Chinese province of Hubei  will be given extra numbers in exams.

In China’s education system, the process of examinations is very rigorous and students face stiff competition for admission to the best schools, and parents feel that their children’s future in the best universities is based on good numbers. Admission opportunities will increase.

Local authorities told the French news agency that in the ongoing war against the Corona virus in China, children from medical staff will be given extra numbers in school and higher education enrollment requests.

According to the provincial government, the move will not only encourage frontline medical staff but will also try to play a better role in eliminating the virus.

According to officials, children of medical staff who take the admission test this year will be given an additional 10 points in the exams, while younger children of medical staff will be given preference for admission to the official kindergarten.

Chinese people, on the other hand, say it is unfair for the government to provide this facility only to the children of medical staff working in Hubei.

A user expressing his views on Twitter-style social media platform ‘Weibo’ wrote

Giving additional points to children is just wrong, and then it is even more unfair to give the extra points to the medical staff of Hubei Province only and only because other provinces are helping to cope with the virus.

In addition, provincial officials said at a press conference that more than 32,000 medical workers have been sent from different provinces of China in Hawaii.

Some people said that these children do not deserve this grant.

Another user wrote where it is fair to say that parents benefit from the hard work of their children, while another user said that giving extra points in this way would make our educational system suffer.

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