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PM Imran Khan’s address to the International Conference on Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

Addressing a ceremony on the issue of Afghan refugees in Islamabad, PM Imran Khan said that the people of Afghanistan deserve peace and we want peace in Afghanistan. We pray that peace talks in Afghanistan will be successful because any insecurity in Afghanistan is not good for Pakistan.

He said that the last 20 years have been very difficult for Pakistan economically. There are no terrorist hideouts in Pakistan. We have dozens of camps of Afghan refugees, not everyone can be checked.

Expressing concern over the current situation in India, the Prime Minister said that today’s India is not Nehru and Gandhi’s India. The ideology of today’s India is based on hatred and there is dominance of extremist thinking. With controversial rules of citizenship in India. Twenty million Muslims are being targeted.

PM Imran Khan said that rising extremism in India, like Naziism, is extremely dangerous. UN should take notice of extremist actions in India. The Prime Minister said that the Prime Minister and the Army Chief of a billion population can’t make such irresponsible statements.

“I want to bring the UN Secretary General’s attention to India. If the UN does not play its role in India, the situation can be very serious. if hatred is not controlled in India on a large scale, there may be a bloodbath at a massive level” he said.

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