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The Punjab government has banned the use of WhatsApp in government offices

LAHORE: The Punjab government has banned the sharing of official documents through WhatsApp in the office in the wake of fears of disclosure of confidential information to unrelated individuals.

According to sources, provincial authorities had received complaints that government departments were using WhatsApp to run their office affairs and documents were being exchanged over the messaging service.

It is said that whatsapp groups were formed to share the documents from which these documents were leaked.

The senior officers have taken notice of this serious matter and have directed all departments to refrain from exchanging official documents and information on the cross-platform messaging service in view of the potential risks to the government.

Provincial government officials revealed that the Department of Services and General Administration (S&GAD) issued the orders.

Further, all the section officers, law officers and state officers have also been informed about the orders that the ban will be implemented immediately as per the orders.

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