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PM Imran Khan distributed ‘Seht Insaf Card’ in Lahore

PM Imran Khan says that the we will not leave the money makers from inflation. We will bring such a system that we will already know about the lack of anything.

Addressing the distribution ceremony of ‘Seht Insaf Card’ in Lahore, PM Imran Khan said that he congratulates Dr. Yasmin Rashid on giving 5 lakh health insurance cards.

The Prime Minister said that I had never said that Pakistan would be made Asian Tiger. I had said that we would make Pakistan a country on the state of Madinah. A welfare state does not become in a day. We are on this path.

He said that strict action would be taken against those responsible for the sugar and flour crisis. Investigation is underway. Responsibles will not escape the grip. We will not leave the money makers from inflation.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the hospitals were not privatized but were making them sovereign and through the proposed reforms, the government would be able to formulate administrative affairs which would have the same quality as private hospitals.

Imran Khan said duty on importing medical devices has been removed so that people can make hospitals in the country and provide quality and cheap treatment. He said that the departments of the country were bringing revolutionary changes in health.

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