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Thank you Pakistan becomes top trend in China

Chinese people on China’s social media website ‘Sina Weibo’ thanked Pakistan for standing together during this difficult time surrounded by the Corona virus, which became a ‘top trend’.

In China, hashtag Russia and hashtag Pakistan became popular overnight on social media platforms like Sina Weibo.

The reason for this is that Pakistan stood with China as a strong friend even in this difficult time when the mysterious Corona virus spreads badly in China, on which Chinese people have thanked Pakistan.

Memorandum of Cooperation between Pakistan and China in various fields
The subject has been discussed 61 thousand times so far and 25 million times it has been read.

According to the China Economic Net, the Chinese people are very grateful and happy that the Pakistani brothers encouraged China on the fight against the Corona virus and provided all kinds of help to fight the virus.

In addition, many people wrote ‘The friend who came down hard is the real friend’. This post was shared 21,855 times and 14,409 comments were made on this post.

Many users took to the trend and thanked Pakistan for making separate pictures

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