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Sale of soft drinks banned in educational institutions

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad banned the sale of soft drinks in educational institutions.

According to Pakistan News Agency, the District Magistrate has banned the sale of soft drinks in educational institutions of Islamabad for two months under section 144.

According to a notification issued by the local administration, no person shall sell any kind of soft drinks, energy and sweet drinks within the limits of the educational institutions and madrassas in the capital.

The notification states that cafes, etc., at educational institutions usually sells, carbonated drinks regardless of whether they contain healthy ingredients or not.

According to the notification, this is the reason why action was required to be taken against the sale of these drinks.

The deputy commissioner quoted as saying that a poll was made on social media ahead of the decision after which it was decided to ban the drinks. In polling, 91% of people voted in favor of a ban on drinks.

The deputy commissioner added that according to the World Health Organization, “these drinks are harmful to children’s health.”


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