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No teacher can torture a child in Islamabad: Shehzad Roy

Islamabad: As far as petitioner Shehzad Roy says, no teacher can beat children in Islamabad, killing children in the world is considered a crime but there is no law in Sindh, KP and Punjab against student violence.

According to details, Shehzad Roy, the leading singer, spoke to the media outside Islamabad High Court and said, “There is a law that allows children to be beaten. Violence or beating of children is more harmful. Unfortunately, under our law many children are being violated  for a long time.

Shehzad Roy said that no teacher can torture a child in Islamabad, child violence is now considered a serious crime in the world and child beatings and abuses are in violation of the Constitution.

The leading singer said that due to politics the Assembly is not being legislated, 81% of children in Pakistan suffer from some kind of violence. The problem is that the elders, teachers are beating the children for discipline.

He said that if a child is born, parents go to school, teachers beat them, the child is beaten for discipline. If there is discipline in our society, even if a child dies after being beaten, it is disrespectful. ۔

Shehzad Roy said that section 89 will not be implemented in Islamabad till the decision of the petition, I am grateful to the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court for this decision.

The well-known singer said that there is at least a law to prevent children from violence in Sindh. There is no law in Punjab and KP and Balochistan. The settlement of the High Court is historic.

He added that the mentality of children being beaten is also affected by it. In the best research in the world, violence only aggravates violence.

Shehzad Roy said that even if this step is not taken, the education system will not be good even for 20 years, we have a model. Governments will work together to prevent violence and promote education.


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