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MD Utility Stores denies hike in sugar and ghee prices

Utility Stores Corporation Managing Director (MD) Omar Lodhi said the price of any item at the utility store has not changed and sugar is only 68rs per kg.

The daily federal cabinet announced a $ 10 billion relief package and at the same time approved the increase in sugar and ghee prices.

The cabinet approved the increase in sugar prices at utility stores. sugar prices  from  68-70  and 5 rs increase in ghee prices from 170-174.

In this regard, now Managing Director (MD) of Utility Stores Corporation, Omar Lodhi, denied that the price of any item has not been changed at the Utility Store, the sugar is being sold at Rs. 68 and Ghee Rs. 170 per kg. No price rise notification was issued.

He said that the federal cabinet was proposed to raise sugar by Rs 2 and Rs 5 for the ghee, which was rejected by the prime minister.

He says subsidy is being given on 6 items required at utility stores and more items will be discounted during Ramadan. Under Prime Minister’s Relief Package, pulses and rice markets at utility stores will get cheaper from Rs 15-20.

It is to be noted that the Federal Cabinet yesterday approved a reduction in the prices of goods, after which the flour, wheat, pulses, sugar and rice will be available at utility stores at a rate of 10-25% lower.

The federal cabinet also approved the issuance of Rs 10 billion to utility stores in five months, while in Ramadan, utility stores will get Rs 5 billion separately.

In this regard, images released from the Prime Minister’s Facebook page also revealed that sugar will be available at utility stores at Rs 70 and ghee Rs 175 per kg.

Assistant Special Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan also reported the price of sugar at Rs 70 a kg yesterday and today, adviser Hafeez Shaikh reported sugar at utility stores at Rs 68 a kg.

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