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Man Got beaten On Getting Married Thrice

On the occasion of the third marriage of the citizen in Karachi, the first wife arrived in reception, after which the people who were attending the wedding and honoring the groom beaten him.

Asif’s wedding ceremony was underway in North Nazimabad Block L, Karachi, where the groom’s bad time started when his first wife, including a child, arrived at the wedding and poured water on the bride’s wishes.

Asif’s wife opened the secret of her husband’s third marriage , so those who were honoring the groom in the ceremony started beating him and tore his clothes.

The brideg’s relatives beaten asif but even though they were not satisfied, the brides relatives handed over the groom to the police.

Police arrived at the ceremony and detained the groom and advised both parties to go to court.

Police say this is a civil matter and will be resolved in court, they have no justification for detaining the groom. However, the groom got injured after being beaten and wanted legal action. he was later sent to hospital.

The bridegroom was again harassed by the relatives after police  released him, the angry woman chased Asif and tried to retrieve him after leaving the police station. Some people saved the groom from the angry mob.

Talking to the media, Asif claimed that he had separated from his first wife and filed a case against the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, Groom’s second wife also reached the police station and told her story to media.

It should be noted that according to the Muslim Family Ordinance 1961, written permission of the first wife is required for the second marriage. In 2016 and 2017, two men were also imprisoned and fined for having second marriage in Punjab without the permission of the first wife.

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